Why I am Pro-Life

Life is a precious gift

Dear friends,

I have a personal story to share with you today. For those who were at the Carver County Convention you got to hear this story, but I wanted to share it with each of you again because it is an important part of who I am as a person and why I am a Pro-Life candidate.

My wife Kim and I started our family with two uncomplicated pregnancies for Kim that blessed us with our sons James and David. Kim became pregnant again when David was about 2 and we were excited to grow our family and looking forward to the day when we got to meet our new son or daughter.

At 12 weeks of pregnancy Kim was well on her way and we were sharing the fact that she was pregnant with friends, family, and our two boys; we were thrilled to share our news!

At 16 weeks of pregnancy one day Kim called to tell me that she was not feeling well, and asked me if I would come home and lend a hand with the boys so she could rest. I left work, came home, and found my wife in pain and discomfort.

Because we were concerned about the baby she was carrying, we called a friend to come sit with James and David, and we went to the hospital. While we were there, Kim began to have more discomfort and began having signs of contractions. We knew this was a bad sign, and in the next hour things got worse. Kim would miscarry within the hour, which was the most heart-wrenching thing we have ever gone through together in our 24 years of marriage. I can’t tell you how many tears we shed that night, but we both wept for hours.

When Kim miscarried, I was able to hold the tiny baby in my hands, he was a little boy that we named Peter. He was perfectly formed as I looked at him, and it tore me in two knowing that he would not be coming home with us one day to join our family, I would not get to hold him in my arms again. I knew that we would not get to see him grow up, go to school, or play with his siblings. The only comfort I took was knowing that our son, that little life, was in heaven and that one day I will see him again.

What I knew before was made all the more real by losing Peter; life is precious, it starts at conception, and ends when the Lord calls us home. Because I feel that strongly about this, I will speak out for the unborn, and defend their right to life. Please know that when I speak out for the unborn and defend their right to life, I am speaking for Peter. I will also speak out for the living and advocate for protection for them until the end of their natural life.

I’m happy to share that God blessed us with four more children after we lost Peter, and I have been awestruck each time I watched them come into the world. Each is a unique gift, a blessing to our family, and I will always speak out in favor of life. We need to stand up for life, and I am willing to do that. And because I am, I reached out to Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) and filled out their candidate questionnaire and wanted to share with you that they scored me as a 100% Pro-Life Candidate.

I want to thank you for reading this, it was hard for me to write, but I wanted you to know being Pro-Life isn’t just an idea to me, it is an integral part of my life and I think about it regularly.


Thank you and God bless,

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