Spring is finally here: A conversation on Growth

Conversations on Growth

Spring is finally here! I’m so encouraged to see green grass sprouting up, plants and trees are budding, and we’re seeing a huge surge of growth all around us!

To the average Minnesotan I think that spring ushers in a sigh of relief, and puts us in a good mood after the months of bitterly cold weather, snow, and ice. It makes us realize that there are things to get excited about, and that good things are upon us.

I wanted to share some insights I heard recently at three of the new business ribbon cuttings that I’ve attended here in Waconia in recent days. We’ve opened a new dry cleaner, a new hair salon, and a much anticipated Caribou Coffee/Bruegger’s Bagels store in Waconia and all have been warmly welcomed.

I always make time to chat with the owners of the businesses we’re at for these ceremonies and I love hearing why they decided to open a new business. The stories vary, but the theme is fairly consistent. The owners usually tell me that they have always wanted to be a business owner in a city that is vibrant and growing, with sustainable growth possibilities. I never tire of hearing that from them, and I share in their excitement.

That theme was no different this time around, but it was expanded a little and I wanted to share that with you today. Two owners of the three businesses opened shared that they were in Waconia because it was a growing city, with a great sense of community and had a palpable buzz about it! They said that they felt welcomed and appreciated by the community. They commented on the positive business climate, and recognized the effort by local government in in recent years to lower taxes and fees and make Waconia a great place to do business.

I left those events pretty up beat about that information and was feeling good about the work I have done as Mayor in Waconia to spearhead the effort to make our city “Business Friendly”. The next conversation would rocket that feeling to a whole new level.

At the ribbon cutting at Caribou/Bruegger’s I go to meet the CEO of Caribou, who was there to welcome people to the new store. I was really surprised to have the CEO of such a large Minnesota company at the event, but was excited to get some time to talk with him. As we chatted, the topic of location came up and he commented to me that one of the many reasons that they located a store in Waconia was the business friendly atmosphere that was evident everywhere in town! That made the third conversation in as many days all with the same message from owners and CEO’s!

Waconia is growing because we are indeed business friendly. We are business friendly because we are getting government out of the way. As I said in my article Back OFF! from a few weeks ago, we need to get government out of the way and let new growth happen!

It’s a spring like atmosphere in our business community here in Waconia, and I am thrilled to have led the way. I’ve fought for lower taxes, lower fees, eliminating burdensome ordinances and increased the accountability of government to the community.

As your State Representative I will take that same approach to St. Paul. We’ve seen too many businesses fleeing our state because taxes are too high, and regulations are too cumbersome. We can’t afford that any more and it’s time to send a strong pro business voice to St. Paul who can fight for business owners and common sense.

It’s time to bring spring like growth to our state wide business climate, and I’m asking you to send me to the legislature to do just that.

To do that I’m asking for your endorsement at our May 15th convention in Watertown.

The convention starts at 6:00pm for registration and 7:00 for official start. To get directions, please click here.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to seeing you soon!


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