Senator Dave Thompson Endorses Jim Nash

 Senator Dave Thompson Endorses Jim Nash

Waconia, MN – State Senator Dave Thompson (R-Lakeville) has endorsed Waconia Mayor Jim Nash for State Representative.

Senator Thompson stated, “The Republican Party is at a crossroads, both nationally and in Minnesota.  The debate seems to center around electability vs. conservative credentials.  That is the wrong issue to debate.  Republican elected officials must be committed to the principles and policies that are at the foundation of the Republican Party and the conservative cause.  However, nobody can serve without first getting elected.  The success of any political movement is dependent upon electing qualified people.

“Jim shares our Republican, conservative values.  At the same time he has run a disciplined campaign, talking about issues that are important to Minnesotans in 2014.  He is a conservative who can win in November.  That is why I am asking primary voters to support Jim on August 12.”

Mayor Nash said, “I’ve long admired Senator Thompson’s political courage, and his work at the Capitol. So you can imagine how thrilled and grateful I was when he decided to endorse me.”

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