Why Should I Vote in the August 12 Primary?

While out door knocking, a number of people have asked if voting in a primary election really matters.  I’m here to tell you that it does.  Have you ever gotten to the polling place in November and thought, “How did we get these candidates? I thought the person I wanted was running?”  They were, but they were running in the Primary, and did not make it to the November election because their supporters didn’t vote on August 12th. They assumed, “Oh my candidate is the best candidate and everyone knows that, so they will surely be fine on primary day.”

We vote in a Primary when two (or more) people from the same party want to run for the same office.  On August 12th we will be voting in the Primary for a number of different offices; we have the same opportunity within our district.  Rep. Ernie Liedeger is retiring as our State Representative at the end of this year and there are two Republicans who would like to take his place.  I am one of those candidates.

As your State Representative, I would take my experience as the Mayor of Waconia, and bring this same common sense approach to St. Paul; like lower taxes, keep the MET Council in check, and fight for your Second Amendment rights. 

Voting in the Primary Election allows you, the voter, the taxpayer, the resident and constituent to decide who will represent you in St. Paul.  Your opinion and voice matter; let it be heard on August 12th by voting in the Primary Election. If you want to make sure that the candidate that you want makes it to the November election, voting in the Primary is the way to do that.

I am asking for your vote on August 12th.  

Vote by absentee ballot: Absentee Ballot

Register to vote here: Register to Vote (you can also register on voting day at your voting poll)

Find where you vote with MN Poll Finder

I look forward to serving you as State Representative for District 47A.



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