I remember 9/11

I’ve noticed that many people are remembering 9/11/2001 today on this the 12 anniversary of the attack, I am glad that you are doing so.

I was asked by a few people why we hang on to such sad and cataclysmic memories and why don’t I just try to forget 9/11.

I remember because it shook me and my family.  I told this person that we should never forget things that are defining moments in our lives, and 9/11 was indeed a defining day in my life.

I remember because I was in the air that day as the first plane crashed into the first tower.  Our plane had quickly landed and I was just getting to a tv as the second tower was hit. That day changed how I view travel.  I now make sure that the night before I fly on a trip now, I say I love you to my kids and wife, and kiss my sleeping kids before I go to bed.

I don’t board planes anymore without that day flashing through my memory at least a little, and without thinking what will/would I do if it happened again on the plane I’m sitting on.

I remember because innocent people, and brave rescue personnel  and volunteers gave their all that day to try and save even one life. I remember them because they deserve my respect.

I remember because my country was attacked, and I love my country with every fiber of my being. I have seen what other countries are like, and none of them are as sweet a place as the U.S.A.  I will remember until the day I die.

So if you are trying to forget 9/11, please don’t.  Let it etch itself into your memory. . . Don’t forget.

I remember

Jim Nash
Waconia, MN

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