Back OFF! Getting Government out of the way of growth.

Get government out of the way

I think the economic landscape of a city, county or state is very much like a field that a farmer prepares for planting each year. Making sure that the soil is prepared well to foster strong, well-rooted, healthy growth is critical to see a great harvest.

For the 6 years I have served as mayor and city councilman, I have dedicated a great deal of effort to getting government out of the way of business, and fostering growth in the Waconia economy. I think that we could use more of that same vision in St. Paul.

We have worked hard to lower taxes in Waconia, which makes doing business here easier for business owners and residents alike. We have grown our infrastructure, making it smarter and more stable, which makes it easier to attract businesses into the city. We have also removed burdensome regulations from city policy, which reduces costs and headaches when starting a business in Waconia.

As a result, businesses are flocking to Waconia. In the last few years, we have seen a new bank, new restaurants, new retail shopping, and new assisted living facilities. The hospital is expanding, auto dealers are expanding, and we are seeing new and exciting businesses like micro-breweries and micro-distilleries come to Waconia. Our downtown is thriving, and we are seeing people coming to Waconia to live the American dream and start their own business.

As your State Representative, I will take the same approach: meeting with business owners regularly, working for them, and getting government out of their way!

I will be a strong voice in St. Paul in the legislature to make Minnesota like Waconia is: a business-friendly, well-run, accountable place to do business. I will work to remove burdensome regulation, lower taxes, and in every way possible prepare the soil for growth here in Minnesota.

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